FLASHBACK to when it all began!


Let’s take it back to the beginning, when MUSEØ first opened its doors to the world. Art Basel 2015 was our first interaction with the crowd…and what a crowd it was! Art Basel provides a platform for artists from all over the world to come to Miami to show and sell their work, giving them access to collectors, museum directors and curators. 

So there was no better time to introduce ourselves and to show what we were up to.

 The fashion show was epic! We expanded the "boundaries" of fashion, broke a few rules, produced our vision and introduced some amazing emerging designers from all over the globe. We had a full house that night with a few surprised guests and even the rap artist Fabulous came to support us opening night, with a front row seat to experience all the magic.

Photos by PBI Photography

Photos by PBI Photography


The importance of this moment was more than just a fashion show; this was our way of starting a movement and making a statement that we are here to expand society’s views on art and fashion. Here at MUSEØ, we summon creativity onto a place where art and fashion come back to “zero”. Style is not defined by society, but by the Muse itself (the consumer) and the extreme western rules of gender are no longer valid.

If you didn’t get a chance to make it to the show, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Below we’ve posted PART 1 of the show and in this video you will see amazing designs from emerging designers Ab Hombre, Anika Olive, Art Speaks, DeVaun Robinson, Khan Designs, Kikimora Studios, Kimberly Jenneskens, Yardens Roe, and Zenidas.

Stay tuned for our blog post and video about PART 2 of the show! Also keep up with our blog

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