House of Malakai

You've probably seen his creations on some of your favorites including Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and CL. Meet Malakai Hom, the ingenious designer behind House of Malakai. Known for his daring craftsmanship and ancient tribal-like designs, Malakai has been creating couture fashion, jewelry and decor since 1999 and is actually a self-taught artist. The House of Malakai brand was created in 2013, focusing on headwear and accessories. Influenced by high fashion, science, and archaeology, Malakai's designs are extremely innovative and beyond his time. His ability to fuse his high fashion influences within couture and ready-to-wear pieces is truly a gift. As stated in his bio on the HOM site, Malakai's work is "a familiar memory of something we've never seen before." Be sure to stop by Muse0 to witness the amazing artistry of House of Malakai!

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Margo Hannah