Lucky Selectism began in 2009 in New York, as a Manhattan house brand of glasses. Carolyn Han & Heewon Kim are not only business partners, they're married. Lucky Selectism is a family business that started with its own eyewear manufacturing plant and is delivering quality glasses with a more dynamic design. “We aim to provide the world wide community the ability to find the key to one’s individuality, through our innovative studies and development of various eyewear designs.”

Lucky Selectism glasses are not just functional glasses, but a new fashion item that gives you the capability to express your own individual personality. These shades are boldly executed in

the finest materials with UV protected lenses to keep you looking your best, no matter how much heat you attract. With stores located in the U.S., France, Australia, Mexico, and South Korea, MUSEØ is very fortunate to carry this exquisite brand! Come stop by our showroom today to shop Lucky Selectism!

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