Yasutomo Ebisu

A photographer that goes by the name of Yasutomo Ebisu took this photo for a Laforet Harajuku campaign and it is being admired by many fans across the globe. The moment here captures two specific things that are to be spotlighted and that is the length of the models hair along with, of course the magnificent floral assortment. In past times women were only identified as pretty if they had long hair but no more, beauty is everywhere and this photo proves just that. In addition, the floral decoration is a very huge part of the photo due to Yasutomo Ebisu’s love for flowers themselves.

Yasutomo Ebisu was born in Nagasaki, Japan in 1967 and studied photography under his father and grandfather who ran a photo studio. He then decided to make it a career and began to study photography at Nihon University College of Art. Yasutomo became an independent photographer soon after graduation. He started by shooting portraits of many different people all through the United States and Europe. Yasutomo Ebisu is now a respected photographer by many different artist and art lovers around the world.

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